High quality doesn't have to mean high cost

Our founder, with her first foster dog, Rosie.

Our founder, with her first foster dog, Rosie.

As you know, Most flea & tick Products are not only unhealthy but are incredibly expensive. It's a well-known fact that Dog lovers like us Would pretty much spend our last penny to care for them -- but -- 

the amazing fact is--
it Actually costs mUCH LESS to do the better, healthier thing!

Ruff on Bugs costs 5 Times less
than all flea & tick spot-on treatments or pills


To care for one dog for 3 months, or the summer season,
you can pay approx. $90+ per dog for Spot-ons (like frontline),
$75+ per dog for capsules/pills (like advantix) -- or -- (drumroll, please!)
just $14.99 for Ruff on Bugs.

One 8 fl oz bottle generously takes care of
any sized dog for 3+ months!

Ruff on Bugs Helps promote the health and happiness of your dog by

  • preventing the misery caused by bug bites the many dangerous diseases they can carry

  • preventing the damage of chemical products -- all while...

  • Keeping Way more $$$ in your wallet

At Ruff on Bugs, we love your dogs and are so proud to bring you a product of the finest possible quality to protect them. — Terri See, Founder

*100% organic * made in massachusetts, usa  * non-gmo * certified cruelty free * 100% plant based / vegan
 * gluten free * no chemicals * recyclable 'pet'-plastic bottles * non-alcohol * non-aerosol