A Happy Discovery

dog lovers of the world

60 Million!

Did you know you’re a member of dedicated group of over 60 million people?
(No, the blog doesn’t have quite that many followers yet, but…) You are part of the 60 million people (in the United States alone!) who live with dogs!

That means you have one beautiful thing in common with literally millions of other people: you dearly love a dog. You know the good they bring to your life, and you want more than anything to help yours live long and happy.

But what if I told you, we millions have been horribly misled by common advice and mainstream 'medicine'/chemical promotion?
We have been poisoning our dogs.

Terrifying but factual.
How? The common monthly flea & tick products– the ones most vets recommend -- are literal pesticides, actual neurotoxins DESIGNED to create and maintain a level of poison in your dog’s blood. That’s WHY the bugs DIE when they bite! Your dog’s blood kills the bug. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!

It's not a hidden fact. Here a just a couple very informative articles on the subject:

Ask yourself why we humans don’t have spot-on treatments or pills to ‘protect’ us against bug bites. (Hint: because it’s CRAZY!)

Many holistic veterinarians will tell you outright – most of these common flea & tick treatments are dangerous and are believed to, themselves, cause more harm than good.

My own reason for learning this is extremely sad and painful -- losing my own beloved dog to cancer. I determined I had to use non-chemical ‘treatments’ on my dogs whenever possible, and I could certainly never use these pesticide products again. 

THANKFULLY -- The Happy Discovery is that I don’t have to –  you don't have to!

There are pure, natural ingredients that do this work without harm. That’s why I researched ingredients and methods for years and created my own pure, all-natural (but powerful!) formula over 10 years ago. Now it’s available to you too:  Ruff On Bugs --  Flea & Tick Repellent made Just for Dogs!

It is 100% Organic, plant-based and non-GMO. It’s synthetic-free, chemical-free and long-lasting!
It contains only good, no bad, and is formulated specifically for a dog's chemistry.

Made with essential oils the CDC acknowledges work as well as chemical alternatives, Ruff on Bugs protects against bugs without adding the risk of pesticides!

Our motto: Why trade one risk for another when you don’t have to!

It’s super easy to use:
You spray it on your dog the same way and at the same times you use bug spray on yourself.  And – bonus -- it’s even safe for you AND for your kids.

Better still --  It works!

*There’s even some good news for your wallet here, too --
For 3 months, you’d spend $75 to $90 per dog for dangerous spot ons or pills – Ruff on Bugs for that same period? 14.99! 5 x less expensive!

I tell you all this as a pet-product manufacturer, yes, but I tell you this more as a dog lover – which I have long said is my defining characteristic (even moreso than chocolate lover or cheese afficianado). I know I’d give anything to go back in time and replace those horrible pesticides with a healthy alternative for all the dogs I've loved.

It’s my hope you’ll consider trying Ruff on Bugs or another non-chemical alternative for your dog’s flea & tick prevention. These traditional pesticides are not only bad, they're Not necessary.

WE ARE 60 MILLION STRONG -- we can turn this around!

Big love to you and yours, from me and mine;