Our Story

'Why trade one risk for another?' that's what echoed in my mind after learning the shocking facts about most common flea & tick products. We all share the goal of protecting our companions, so we'd never knowingly trade the dangers of bug bites for the dangers of neurotoxins or putting actual pesticides into our dogs' blood stream. But the terrible truth is -- that's exactly what most spot-on treatments & 'prevention' pills aim to do. 

Dogs have always meant the world to me so after the heartbreak of losing my beloved Dog to cancer and spending years researching what might have gone wrong, I learned a great deal about things done in the name of health and prevention -- and the sad truth about the 'medicines' I'd given my own dogs. I determined there must be a safer way to prevent dangerous insect bites without using poisons. That's why I created Ruff on Bugs -- safe, effective protection for my dogs, and now for your dogs too. 

To learn more about the pesticides in common flea & tick preventions & their dangerous effects, click below to the article from 'Animal Wellness' magazine.


Our Mission

It's our aim to better the health of every dog we can reach. We provide a safe repellent for dogs to replace common dangerous products, so that every dog has his or her best chances at a longer, happier life -- after all, that is what we all want.

Earth-Friendly Formula

ruff on bugs®' 'first do no harm' philosophy applies not only to your dogs, but it's also our mission to be eco-friendly and not harm the environment. if you spray directly onto bugs, you can kill them, yes, but our goal is to strongly repel and to prevent bites, not to destroy. from the purity of our ingredients to our packaging, we make caring choices. our bottles are recycled / recyclable pet plastic.

Our All-Natural, Powerful Products

ruff on bugs® and mighty no bitey® (our original insect repellent for people!) are both epa minimum risk / fifra exempt and wonderfully safe, yet powerfully effective in fending off biting and stinging insects.
we all know that 'natural' doesn't naturally mean a product is safe. that's why are fully compliant with epa regulations and are listed on several natural product and cruelty-free registries.

*Coming soon! our insect repellents for cats and horses!