Ruff On Bugs® -- Gentle On Dogs, Powerfully Protective!

Ruff On Bugs® -- 100% ORGANIC, All-Natural & Non-GMO
Contains Absolutely No Chemicals, No Synthetics Or Compounds
Replaces Risky Chemical Spot-On Treatments And Pills

We Formulated Ruff On Bugs® With A World-Renowned Holistic Veterinarian 
With Care For Best Effectiveness And Safety For Your Dogs So That It REPELS Bugs Without Interfering With Medicines Or Holistic Treatments Your Dog May Be On! Made With Ingredients Which Are Proven Effective Against Dreaded
Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks,
Flies, Bees And Other Insects. Pure And Natural -- Nothing Weird That You Have To Google!

Keep Your Dog Safe & Happy!
Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes -- And Even Spiders -- Can Cause Great Misery For Your Dog.
We All Know That Terrible Feeling Of Watching A Dog Scratch Or Chew Himself Frantically -- How Awful! Our Dogs Then Bring Bugs Into Our Home Where The Bugs Can Breed Fast And Furiously.

Worse Yet, Bug Bites Can Carry Dangerous Diseases Like Lyme, Heartworm, And Many Bacterial Diseases --
All Of Which Can Harm The Quality Of Your Dog's Life And Shorten It Dramatically.
We've Long Believed Our Only Option Was To Treat Them With Chemical 'Medications' -- But The 100% Truth Is, 
Those 'Medications' Are Actual, Literal, Pesticides Which Present A Different & Very Real Danger! ALL Of That Misery And Danger Is COMPLETELY Preventable!

We Love Your Dog -- We Love All Dogs! 
That's Why We Make RUFF ON BUGS -- It's 100% Organic, All Natural, Chemical-Free --


So... What's In It? purest essential oils!

Ruff On Bugs Is Made With Finest Grade, Freshest Certified Organic Essential Oils And Booster Oils To Repel A Wide Spectrum Of Bugs, It Is 100% Plant Based With -0- Synthetics Or Chemicals -- Only Unaltered Oils Direct From Plants! It Contains:
Rosemary Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Citronella Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Castor Oil And Soybean Oil & Purified Water.


how to use

Easy To Use -- Spritz On, Just As You Would Apply An Insect Repellent To Yourself!

Shake Well.

Mist on body, chest, legs, neck, carefully onto back of head, away from face. If preferred, spray onto your hands and rub lightly onto your dog. No need to rub it in! 

Get directly onto your dog's hair but do NOT soak your dog. A gentle mist will do!

As with any product containing essential oils, PLEASE keep away from your dogs' eyes and mouth. Do not apply to genitals or underside of paws or other sensitive areas. Do not spray on face or inside ears.

Apply daily if needed, more or less often depending on activity outdoors.

*This Product Contains NO Chemicals And Used As Directed Has NO Known Adverse Effects At All. If Your Animal Shows Sensitivity Or Unwanted Reaction, Bathe With A Gentle Soap And Discontinue Use.

Did You Know:
The Goal Of Most Common Flea & Tick Products Is To Make Your Dog's Blood Literally Poisonous To Bugs So That Bugs Die When They Bite Your Dog?
Crazy -- But True.

We Would Never Do That To Ourselves Or Our Children -- We Use Repellent Instead!
And We Can Do The Same For Our Dogs.