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We love hearing from our customers about Ruff on Bugs® and invite your comments! See recent testimonials below from some of our buyers! Send us yours via our Contact page!

RUFF ON BUGS -- featured in the current issue of ANIMAL WELLNESS magazine. Click images below to read the Feature Article by world renowned Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Deva Khalsa.

Our dogs are always tick free when others on the hike are coming back covered with them."
-- Laura, with Tubbs & Mikey in Williamsburg, VA

Earth-Friendly Formula

Ruff on Bugs®' 'first do no harm' philosophy applies not only to your dogs, but it's also our mission to be eco-friendly and not harm the environment. If you spray directly onto bugs, you can kill them, yes, but our goal is to strongly REPEL and to prevent bites, not to destroy. From the purity of our ingredients to our packaging, we make caring choices. Our bottles are recycled / recyclable PET plastic.


Our All-Natural, Powerful Products

Ruff on Bugs® and Mighty No Bitey® (our original insect repellent for people!) are both EPA Minimum Risk / FIFRA Exempt and wonderfully safe, yet powerfully effective in fending off biting and stinging insects.
We all know that 'natural' doesn't naturally mean a product is safe. That's why are fully compliant with EPA regulations and are listed on several natural product and cruelty-free registries.

Giving Back

We're so happy to say, Ruff on Bugs® is currently creating affiliate programs to benefit select animal rescue / welfare organizations. Announcement of those programs will be posted here soon!