Ruff on Bugs Founder

Terri See  Founder & CEO

Terri See comes from a diverse background including copywriting & editing, management, store ownership, and a lifelong devotion to animal welfare research and dog rescue. She has found her niche with Mighty No Bitey, Inc. as it incorporates all of her passions, both business and personal.  Terri created an organic bug repellent many years ago just for herself.  Being highly susceptible and allergic to mosquitoes, and also having had illness from use of existing chemical products, she set off on a mission to make something powerful but safe.  after losing two dogs to cancer, she spent years researching the impacts of everything from dogs' food to veterinary products and their impact on dog health and longevity. After development and testing, two products were born -- all natural repellents for herself and her animals.  It wasn’t until Terri spoke up about the dangers of chemical treatments on a Facebook thread that someone convinced her to take her products to market. a flurry of other requests from complete strangers followed & Mighty No Bitey and Ruff On Bugs were off and running.  They actually had a market before they were even products.  Terri is currently the 100% owner of Mighty No Bitey, Inc..


Mighty No Bitey, Inc. Sales Marketing

Mark Farrell – Chief Operations Officer

Mark Farrell comes from the world of television and commercial production.  Along with being a network executive at both Oxygen and Sony and running successful production companies on both coasts, Mark is responsible for such notables as A&E Biographies for Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Aniston, Red Hot Chili Peppers; HBO specials on U2 and Ringo Starr; and the pilot for Curb Your Enthusiasm.  He also produced, directed and/or wrote commercials for clients like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Ford, Godiva, Windows 7 and MGM Grand.  Years of successfully running high-end production companies has given Mark a strong branding awareness, a large rolodex and a strong set of management skills such as developing and pitching new products, budgeting and forecasting, business affairs, staff management, and production efficiency.  All of which he is now happily employing toward Mighty No Bitey, Inc. 

Bob Corsaro – VP of Sales (via Cascadia Managing Brands)

Robert J. Corsaro has, has over 30 years of solid experience within the consumer goods industry, including very successful stints at Nabisco (Mondelez), PepsiCo, Snapple, and Carvel.. Prior experience includes broad based management; finance, production and chain headquarters account management. Robert was the Director of Sales at Snapple Beverage Company where he was directly involved in building the brand from a small regional company to one of national stature. As Director of Sales, Bob was responsible for the four sales regions that comprised 63% of Snapple's total sales volume for a $450,000,000 market with an annual operating budget of $29.8M. At Snapple, Bob created the successful introduction of a new category; through the development and execution of a strategy that emphasized a focused, cooperative plan committed to shared business goals. Bob was directly involved with the authorization of Snapple products to the major supermarket, convenience, wholesale, and mass drug merchandiser accounts. Subsequent to the sale of the Snapple brand, Bob was recruited by the Carvel Ice Cream Company to be its Vice President of Sales. At Carvel, Bob managed in excess of $200M in sales and $20M in direct operating expense. Bob lead the conversion of the Company from a franchised retail business to a supermarket distributed, consumer package, obtained authorization in over 3500 grocery stores. Bob was directly accountable for sales, production, and direct store distribution of Carvel products. He started his career at Nabisco.

Mighty No Bitey, Inc. Marketing Sales VP

mighty no bitey attorney

Main Street Marketing

Carolann Strickler

Bob Sipper – VP of Sales (via Cascadia Managing Brands)

Robert J. Sipper's background is diverse and entrepreneurial in nature. Bob has been working with emerging brands, establishing and managing broker and distributor networks for the past 20+ years. After practicing law for ten years (partner for eight years), specializing in litigation and business law, he became the Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of Mootch & Muck, Inc., a metro New York beverage and specialty food distributor. As the COO, the Company sold over 1,000,000 cases of Evian Water and had sales of $18,000,000. After negotiating the sale of the Evian Water distribution agreement, Bob acquired two micro-brew beers: Perry's Majestic Beer (an organic beer) and Post Road Ale as well as the Leroux Creek Applesauce brand. As President of the parent company, Perry's Majestic Beer, Inc., sales of the brands were increased and subsequently sold. Bob established distribution systems through his brand management company, H & H Day, Inc. for the Evian brand as well as for microbrew beers, specialty foods, applesauce (national distribution through the Natural Food Chain Supermarkets such as Whole Foods, Fresh Fields, Bread & Circus and Wild Oats and such national natural food distributors as United Natural Foods and Tree of Life), and new age beverages. Bob has also successfully managed a successful IPO, a secondary offering, and has raised capital for all of the companies he has been involved in. As the Chief Operating Officer of Phlo Corporation, the manufacturer of the McCoy's and ZO beverage brands, Bob was responsible for all of the operations of the company including sales, marketing and production.

Larry Divney Advisor

Larry Divney serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Comedy Partners, LLC. Mr. Divney served as President of Comedy Partners (Comedy Central). Mr. Divney served as the Chief Operating Officer of Viacom Media Networks since October 2004. He served as the President of Ad Sales at Viacom Media Networks since December 2004. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Comedy Central since February 18, 1999. He entered the fledgling field in 1981 when he joined MTV and served as its first Vice President of Advertising Sales. He started working with Tom Freston and Ted Turner simultaneously a strange foreshadowing of his situation at COMEDY CENTRAL (the network is co-owned by Time Warner and Viacom). Mr. Divney was responsible for the advertising sales, sales research, traffic and sales planning and operations department. He worked for 15 years in the radio business in various sales capacities as well as being General Manager for WFAI-FM and Station Manager of WLS0 FM/AM, both located in Chicago. He served as General Sales Manager of WPLJ-FM in New York. He served as Co-Chairman of the 1997 C.A.B. conference. He served as a member of the C.A.B.'s National Sales Advisory Board.

Josh Nathan – Legal, NYC

Josh has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the law, business and strategy, including as
a general counsel, chief strategist and senior management executive. Josh has a successful
track record of developing and launching strategic initiatives, structuring and negotiating
joint ventures and deals, and resolving disputes to maximize growth, impact and financial

Main Street Marketing – Broker – Southeastern U.S.

In business since 1977, Main Street Marketing is one of the three largest natural product brokers in the U.S.  With a combined industry experience of over 150 years, Main Street Marketing represents Mighty No Bitey products to UNFI (United Natural Foods), grocery, hardware, and independent natural food outlets throughout the seven states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, as well as Puerto Rico.

Carolann Strickler – Finance (via Organization Ink)

Carol, as owner and operator of Organization Ink, provides services that include Full Operational Support and Analysis, Policies & Procedures, Recruitment, Human Capital Management, Compliance, Problem Solving, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow/Financial Statements, Budget/Forecasting, Cost Control, Reconciliations and Cash Flow Management.  Other clients include OMAI, Inc. dba Thermo Expert, Subcontractor on numerous Government contracts including, Albany VA, Worcester Loomworks, Hudson Art House, Bedford Ward 6B. Project Scope: Cost Containment, Cash and Budget Management, AIA Billing, Full Operational Management; and True North Transit, MASSDOT Contractor, Project Scope: Internal Accounting, Human Resources, Federal DBE Certification application and Operations Management.